Synopsis of Project

The collaborative project “Zentrum Musik – Edition – Medien” (ZenMEM) consists of scientists of Paderborn University, the Hochschule für Musik Detmold and the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Since September 2014 these scientists have concerned themselves with the changes of and new possibilities for the transition from analogue to digital music and media.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF) for three years, the project „Zentrum Musik- Edition – Medien“ combines both experience and expertise as well as concepts and methods from the field of Musicology, various fields of Computer Science (Contextual Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Music- and Film Informatics and Software Engineering) and Media Science (Media Pedagogy and Media Economics) to focus on musical and other primarily non-textual objects in the context of digital editions. In doing so, the scientists draw on their own preliminary work as well as international developments in this field of study, for instance the project Edirom and the standards of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) and Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). They participate in the further development of these projects and research new functions of interaction and processing in order to create digital music and media editions.

In addition to the research work, appropriate tools are developed, external projects are technically advised and coordinated, further subject-specific training in terms of workshops, lectures and talks are held/conducted. All steps are accompanied by qualitative and quantitative user studies which take into account the entire process of creating digital editions. The results of the studies directly influence the research and development work within the ZenMEM.

The goal of the three universities, whose management lies within the Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar Detmold/Paderborn, is the establishment of a competence center at the interface of computer science and musicology. Moreover, they would like to offer a permanently available contact point for the coordination and cooperative support of scientific projects in this particular research area.


Den zweiten Vortrag der Ringvorlesung Data Cultures wird Dr. Marcus Burkhardt zum Thema Tinkering with Data: Ein Werkstattbericht geben. Der Vortrag wird am um 16 Uhr c.t. in Hörsaal H7 an der Universität Paderborn stattfinden.

Dr. Marcus Burkhardt ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl Digitale Medien und Methoden am Medienwissenschaftlichen Seminar der Universität Siegen. Von 2015 bis 2017 war er Postdoktorand am Munich Center for Technology in Society an der TU München. 2016 vertrat er die Professur für Medien, Algorithmen und Gesellschaft an der Universität Paderborn. Zuvor war er Leiter des Hybrid Publishing Labs – einem Forschungsprojekt, das sich mit der Zukunft akademischen Publizierens auseinandersetzt – am Center for Digital Cultures an der Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.

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